Modernizing Applications to Azure is Your Way to Success

September 25, 2019

Businesses across the globe spend trillions of dollars on IT services and maintaining their enterprise applications (apps) and software. They have to spend...

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Simple Steps to an Effective Mobility Strategy

September 18, 2019

Enterprise mobility has transformed the way businesses function. Enterprise mobility goes beyond the integration of mobile technology but also refers to a...

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Are Your Legacy Applications Stuck in the Mud?

July 31, 2019

A legacy application (app) refers to any outdated technology that needs to be replaced or updated. According to a recent study, one-third of all businesses...

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Essential Features of an Enterprise Mobility App

February 20, 2019

A company’s digital transformation journey to enterprise mobility is an important step as it streamlines the process flow within an organization and...

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Softura enables companies digital transformation by providing turnkey services including new custom app development, installations, and configurations, to helping with migrations and integrations of existing legacy applications. We have completed a multitude of complex workflows as well as LOB Applications, Visualizations, and Analytics/BI projects for our business clients. Our headquarters is in Farmington Hills, MI and we are a Microsoft Gold Partner.